Bioret Pacific Waterbed System

Rest easy with a single water chamber and waterproof foam

Laying time, hock and udder health, and surface cleanliness are all optimized in the Pacific design that results in healthier cows, cleaner stalls, and better production. With cow health and durability designed in, the Pacific Waterbed System will let farmer and cow rest easy.

The Bioret Pacific Waterbed System. Using a more stable single chamber design, the Pacific system creates a surface that is fully responsive to the cow with all the water underneath her working in unison to keep her fully suspended and comfortable. The Pacific also goes a step further to fully protect the cow in the “drop zone” where we incorporate a waterproof foam mattress to catch her as she falls to her knees. No longer is there a question of her hitting concrete due to water displacement. Our foam mattress addition fully supports her during this crucial phase of laying down and standing.


  • Comfort: Water chamber fully conforms to cow’s body shape
  • Hygenic: Liquids drain immediately after cow leaves the stall with natural runoff to the rear, helping to reduce mastitis-forming bacteria.
  • Custom-designed surface protects cow’s legs and knees from abrasion
  • Longevity: No deformation, ever. (water always returns to its natural shape)
  • Easy Install: Eliminate seams with our continuous roll, one water chamber per stall. Up to 100 stalls per roll
  • Easy to clean:one chamber of water makes it easier to scrape off, waste less bedding, save on labor
  • Durability: Double woven textile inlay rubber with VR nonslip design.

Foam Protection: 2 feet of waterproof foam in the “drop zone” to protect knees when laying down and standing up