Our Newest Product!

The VR™ Premium Topcover is our newest topcover that is manufactured from vulcanized rubber and reinforced with a heavyweight fabric scrim.  The VR™ Topcover is engineered with grooving that improves drainage of milk and urine to the rear of the stall, while still staying non-abrasive and very soft. This topcover has an eight year full

Cow Comfort: Increasing animal health and production with memory foam mattresses

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Don’t you love coming home after a long day and laying down in your nice soft bed? Well just like humans, cows do too! According to a study done by W. K. Fulwider and R. W. Palmer in 2004 on impact testing to predict cow preference, the most important factor that determines cow preference is the softness of the mattress; and when given a choice cows will lay down on the softest material or mattress that’s available. 

Mattresses or Sand: Which supports your business (and your cows) better?

Cow comfort is one of the leading design features of modern dairy barn construction and farm management. Ensuring that cows are optimizing their feed intake, maximizing laying time, reducing injury and infections, and ultimately producing large amounts of quality milk to sustain the farm is on every farmer’s mind. One of the major areas of focus for making cows comfortable is in the stall, particularly what she is laying on. It seems like everyone has an opinion on this – sand is the best, mattresses are easier to maintain, don’t forget about waterbeds, and how the heck do you dry out manure solids? I’d like throw my hat in the ring, given my 25 years of thinking and innovating on this particular area of the barn.

Where it all begins: solutions to keeping a clean calving pen

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No matter what type of bedding or how good a manager you are, the area in the barn that causes the most headaches might be in the calving area. This area is usually a large, open space with crowd gate dividers for separating soon-to-be mothers where managers rely on a heavy pack of straw and other organic bedding materials to keep the area clean and cows comfortable – just like in the “olden” days.