AquaRest Installation Instructions


The AquaRest mattress is composed of a 1 3/8 in thick foam underlay covered with our innovative AquaTop: a .4 inch seamless top cover that includes a water bladder. Its nonfricition top surface has been specially designed for animal wellbeing. The AquaRest is an innovative combination of all the benefits of a latex mattress as well as the unique single chamber waterbed that corresponds to the cow’s figure.



  • The soft foam underlay provides hoof adhesion for standing and lying and superior comfort and protection of animal joints.
  • High product durability given that water does not deform
  • Prone cows are literally “floating” to enhance comfort
  • Creates optimal blood circulation to milk production as comfort is enhanced everywhere: the water supports the animal at all
    pressure points under the entire body
  • A perfect solution for inadequate slope: the water pouch creates a slope to the rear which evacuates liquids and humidity to render the stall dry, comfortable and hygienic. 



The Aquatop cover is a .4 inch thick seamless top cover with a nonfriction finish that includes a water bladder to cover any kind of mattress/underlay. The water pouch surface does not deform and compensates for wear in existing underlays. Installed on existing mats and mattresses in free stalls whether Individual mat or seamless mattresses, it reduces the investment cost and saves time in renovation as it is not necessary to remove the existing product. Combined with existing underlay, the Aquatop offer advantages similar to the traditional single chamber waterbed that corresponds to the cow’s morphology