SuperStall Cow Mattress System

North Brook’s premium cow mattress, SuperStall, represents the next generation in animal comfort solutions for serious dairy producers. SuperStall provides a consistently comfortable, easy-to-maintain environment that encourages lying time for improved nutrient utilization and milk production. Top it off with our Premium VRTTM Topcover and you have a mattress system that is truly built to last.

  • Body-hugging, bounce-back memory foam provides maximum cushioning for hocks and knees.
  • Engineered to remain “permanently soft”.
  • Encourages maximum lying time for improved nutrient utilization and milk production.
  • Balanced core for ideal combination of softness and firmness.
  • Inert foam resists bacteria growth.
  • Waterproof, easy-to-clean rubber top cover with tightly-woven substrate.
  • Easy to install.

VRT™ Premium Topcover

The VRT™ Premium Topcover is 100% waterproof and manufactured from vulcanized rubber and reinforced with a heavyweight fabric scrim. The VRT™ Topcover improves drainage of milk and urine to the rear of the stall, while still staying non-abrasive and very soft. This topcover has an five-year full warranty and prorated for final five years! 


SuperStall Memory Foam

Our SuperStall Memory foam has been tested over 10 years and has had less than 2% compaction rate. Compared to other foam mattresses on the market, ours is the toughest, and longest lasting. At 1 3/8″, it will keep your cow comforted all day!